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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Honey West Restaurant & Lounge

The food and the service was excellent. We had Prosciutto Philo Chicken, their pizza of the day, Italian red wine and a refreshing original tasteful virgin drink (which was an impromptu out-of-the-menu request I asked from the bartender). The palate experience was really good.

However, if you pay for a 60-dollar two-head light lunch, you expect a little upscale ambiance. Until our food reached our table, we were whining about the restaurant atmosphere.

Overall, I think we paid more than we came in for.

Honey West Restaurant is in 399 Elizabeth St.


  1. HI there, first off, let me say that I really like your review style - very down to earth and honest, easy to read and understand. Sometimes I read reviews and have NO CLUE what they are talking about!
    Anyhow, I am intrigued by your review here, and have access to the owner/operators of Honey West. As a new establishment trying to make its' mark in downtown Burlington, they need all the feedback they can get.
    What is it about the ambiance that could be improved? Could you be more specific? Was it the lighting, or music, or service, or staff, or decor??? Again, any feedback is helpful!
    Thanks again and best wishes to you with all your stiletto-wearing adventures!

  2. Are you still blogging? If not, I will have to remove your blog from our directory.


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